Andrew Bird- Break It Yourself

My week starts today. And I’ve been listening to Andrew Bird’s brand new album called “Break It Yourself” (Mom & Pop Music, 2012) the whole morning. From the first few seconds of listening I’ve noticed that’s an album very appropiate to be heard on good headphones while you’re watching through the window on a sunny day. The element that most stands out in the album is omnipresent whistle that appears in many songs. It’s folk, pop, kind of tropical touch, whistles, beautiful ballads as “Sifters”…

Enjoy it’s entire stream for free by clicking on the album

Andrew Bird "Break It Yourself" (Mom & Pop Music, 2012)

Andrew Bird- Give it away (Live) from his new album “Break it Yourself”


Grimes-Visions (2012)

Claire Boucher, 23 years old, Dj and producer based in Montreal (Canada), better known by the name of Grimes. Her second album “Visions” (4AD) was released yesterday (21/02/2012) in the US and Canada. It’s an album full of dark beats, dream-pop, dance, and a very particular and characteristic voice.

After a short intro (Infinite Love Without Fulfilment), appears “Genesis”, powerful but moody bass and synthesizer line and her “teenager” dark voice. It follows “Oblivion” with an intensive kicking beat and even darker background vocals and interesting panning of some sounds at the end of the song. Thirteen tracks powered with emotions, darkness, dreams and a particular atmosphere created by Boucher. She will be performing at Primavera Sound 2012.

You can listen to the entire album clicking on the picture

Grimes "Visions" (4AD, 2012)

Grimes, “Genesis” MP3

Machinedrum- SXLND Ep


I love music. And I love many styles of music. And the older I get the more styles I want to listen to, ranging from electronic styles to african beats. These past few days I’ve been listening to “SXLND”, Machinedrum’s last EP released this 2012. Travis Stewart is the real name of Machinedrum and also one of the members of the successful electronic band Sepalcure.

Machinedrum- SXLND (2012)

Machinedrum’s Soundcloud

Machinedrum’s Twitter


The Parish Of Little Clifton-Septemberish 7″

Last week I was doing my daily research on new cool and experimental grooves and I discovered this amazing 7″ called Septemberish. The Parish of Little Clifton is a 19 years-old multi instrumentalist from Canada. Started as an acoustic folk project, within the last year he’s been working on electronic-based music, trying to keep the organic elements of real instruments by using samples. Septemberish 7” is a taste of the LP – Portia – that will be released this fall and that will feature his sister, Hannah Flom, Teen Daze, Manitoulin and Bank Heist.

You can download it for free at Bad Panda Records



The Parish Of Little Clifton- It’s Okay, Roseanne

John Talabot- Fin

John Talabot’s first LP “Fin” (Permanent Vacation, 2012) is one of  the most interesting electronic releases of the year. You can find a mix of house, techno ,indie and tropical beats,  in slow motion, and influences ranging from Caribou and Four Tet to Animal Collective or Delorean. He will be performing at Primavera Sound 2012.

John Talabot- Fin

John Talabot’s Soundcloud

John Talabot’s Myspace

Poliça-Give You The Ghost

My daily morning routine: I wake up, I get up, I turn on my MacBook Pro and I look for new interesting releases. One month ago or so I discovered this jewel. The band include members of Vampire Hands, Gayngs and Bon Iver. Enjoy the first LP called “Give You The Ghost”. Electronic beats, minimalism, hypnotic voices, delays, reverbs and magic. Close your eyes and fly.

You can purchase the LP or CD right here    POLIÇA (Twitter)