Grimes-Visions (2012)

Claire Boucher, 23 years old, Dj and producer based in Montreal (Canada), better known by the name of Grimes. Her second album “Visions” (4AD) was released yesterday (21/02/2012) in the US and Canada. It’s an album full of dark beats, dream-pop, dance, and a very particular and characteristic voice.

After a short intro (Infinite Love Without Fulfilment), appears “Genesis”, powerful but moody bass and synthesizer line and her “teenager” dark voice. It follows “Oblivion” with an intensive kicking beat and even darker background vocals and interesting panning of some sounds at the end of the song. Thirteen tracks powered with emotions, darkness, dreams and a particular atmosphere created by Boucher. She will be performing at Primavera Sound 2012.

You can listen to the entire album clicking on the picture

Grimes "Visions" (4AD, 2012)

Grimes, “Genesis” MP3


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