One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been recently nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by  Nina The Heartbeat . Thank you very very much!! You are a REAL music lover and I want to thank you for helping me with my new “almost-vegetarian” life! So, I have to nominate other bloggers and write 7 facts about me. Let’s go!!

1. I love music. I’m an addict and I really enjoy sharing this music with all of you.

2. I live in a little island in the Mediterranean Sea.

3. A few months ago I decided not to eat meat. So the next step: no more fish.

4. I really like small music instruments. In my collection you will find an Ukulele, a Melodica, an Harmonica, Stylophone, a Sound Machine…..

5. I love vinyls.

6. I love music festivals (Primavera Sound in Barcelona is THE music festival).

7. That’s all folks!!!!!


– In The Daily Record you can discover all sorts of music, one record every day! You can also know the day and shop where the record was purchased!! Enjoy it!!

– I really have fun just looking at the photos of vintage furniture in The Good Old Dayz. I think that’s an interesting and colorful blog!!!!

– I’ve discovered amazing new music in Best New Tracks. You should take a look at it!!!


Thank you!!


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